Friday, March 17, 2006

Not Like You Knew

It’s not as if you knew your life needed changing
What was it you used to bitch about?
What got you down?
That he didn’t make enough money?
That the house was always a wreck?
It’s not as if you knew your life needed changing
That one kiss under the awning of a Chinese restaurant
in the rain
could unleash
a whole new you
Change your life

Janice and her family moved to the country last year to change their life
They wanted a slower, natural, earthy, small town life
Her strong, smart husband built them a home overlooking a valley
where they could watch hawks and eagles
Janice and the boys learned to ride
They learned to ride horses
But then little Sam, his head started leaking
And 66 nights later
66 nights at children’s hospital
that’s how many nights her husband has slept
sprawled out on a chair next to Sam’s bed
funny, sweet, sassy Sam who razzes the nurses
Now Janice and the two other boys live that other life
the one they made the changes for

And even if you know what’s coming
The man in the walker coming out of the medical building today
How the walker got caught in the door
How I didn’t help him
But thought instead of my father
Able bodied but not forever
Because it’s not like you knew your life needed changing
But it must have
Because a kiss under an awning of a Chinese restaurant
in the rain
can set the whole thing off

**Inspired by Joan Logghe’s new book of poems called Rice


Stef said...

beautiful - again and again.

divine turp said...

yes, and when souls make their move it becomes up to the personality and ego and previous plans to either get in the car or get dragged behind it.


la vie en rose said...

sometimes a spirit within knows before we do...or before we'll admit we know...

Kathleen said...

i am always left staring at the screen...speechless...lost in thought. i connect to what your saying, then daydream and go to a million different places...launching from your words.
and then i read it again.
and again.

i love your writing.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

like a fortune cookie
once cracked and the message exposed there isn't anywhere to go. except eat the cookie or trhow it away.

ecm said...

I love your words and images, your beautiful writing

Wenda said...

Michelle led me back here and I am so glad she did. I had gotten side-tracked. I had forgotten the power of your writing.

Dale said...

(tap tap tap)