Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ethics, order and timing

And so, because I am not a romantic
When I got together with my husband and the ballerina last weekend
limbs colliding, on our backs, in her bed
The candles, the wine
Her unauthorized breathing
The way her eyes closed and face clenched when she came
What it feels like to let go like that in front of another person
her lover’s wife, your husband’s lover
How three became one
how it was she who held me as I came
His mouth on me, her hands clutching my arm
How they both went quiet afterwards
Resting with me as if we’d all made that train wreck of a journey together

And we had

Because I am not a romantic
What occurred to me afterwards was this:

what are the ethics and the obligation as to where the husband finally lays his seed? Does he leave it in the wife to show her where his real love lies? Where does that seed need to come to rest?

Ethics, order and timing


la vie en rose said...

wow! beautiful writing--the flow, the imagery, the questions. very provoking. i am blown away!

gkgirl said...


as always,
your words
bring me
a loss
of my own

snowsparkle said...

"as if we'd all made that train wreck together" and then the space after that... beautifully aligned. the silence of the moment, the momentary bliss abandoned for questions...seeds of thought.

Dale said...

Oh, yeah, I'm not a romantic either, then :-)

I'm afraid the answer must be something like "where it will hurt the least." I can see why most people prefer to avoid the questions of possession and surrender altogether, by asserting that it's just one way all the time & then just lying when it's not. Not because those questions hurt and are tricky (what isn't, that's important?), but because they never end.


brainhell said...


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

"Does he leave it in the wife to show her where his real love lies?"
Is there a difference in love?
The title of your last post:
"Following sadness to its true home" the connections to this train are powerful, and your sharing takes us on an incredible journey.

shara said...

I feel like commenting, but I'm not quite sure what to say. I guess you could say I'm lost for words, right? Or because of them.

Josephine said...

A thought provoking peice indeed.

And while it is written with perfect skill, what I am left most impressed with is what you are asking.

The words behind the words.

It sort of brings to mind a Woody Allen quote: "Love wants what it wants."

And, to me, love is so beautiful in that ferocity and duplicity of aboslute selfishness and lack of self.

Anonymous said...

I need more... everyday I look hoping for more.