Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not What You Think It Is

It's not what you think it is
That's been my mantra for days now
It's not what you think it is
Which enables a more curious stance toward life
A stretching of the fabric
A way to sit back and see past the contours of the ordinary
It's not what you think it is
Your husband and the ballerina for instance
It's not what you think it is
“Well your husband does have a girlfriend,” a friend corrected
Yes, I replied, but it's not what I think it is
it's not what I think it is.


divine turpitude said...


this is the wisest one yet. i love it. we should all go around saying this. it's true. xox

Anonymous said...

this agreement comes from garrison keillor's column (in

Winter is coming, which simplifies everything and shows you that the essentials of life are heat, food, shelter, plumbing. The rest is decorative. The life that your wife writes about in the Christmas letter, the life of steady accomplishment and upward movement on life's graph, is mostly fiction. The reality is that we are all in over our heads. I am and you are. God help us.

Dale said...

It's never what we think it is, is it? But that doesn't mean it's what anybody else thinks it is, either :-)

divine turp said...

so dweezilla,

there's healing in the air and it smells like mango sorbet and vanilla ice cream swirled together and you're probably off somewhere feeling just fine with being small or medium or large, knowing none of it's what you think it is, and feeling okay with the comings and goings, and of course i'm happy for you, but what am i to do, taking a small break from my own labors at the edge of the desert, to check in with your lovely writing and finding nothing new.... i know your joy is my pain here but shucks anyway.