Monday, November 07, 2005

Blowing Smoke

Was sitting there feeling small, not big. Not important. Not seen. Was thinking it would take something major, like a new book. An important book. Something everyone would be talking about. An achievement. Some supersonic effort that would catapult me out of the ordinary, out of this moment on the porch at mid day with my smoke and my coat on, sitting there blowing smoke into the garden.

Had it been enough to wake up every two hours the night before with a seven -year-old who was crying and twitching because she had a urine infection that stabbed at her throughout the night? Had it been enough to bring her into my bed and talk her through the pain, telling her to focus on her breath and the warm ball of her tummy, then waking with her a few hours later to go downstairs and wash her pee pee and put that thick white cream all over it and then make her a cup of hot milk so she could sleep?

Had it been enough to take a ten-year-old to school early and sit with her in the car while she plotted her birthday, now 8 months away, sitting, listening to her say that she wanted to take her friends to a hotel, not a motel, as well as swim in the Yuba river and go to the Rainforest Café in San Francisco. Was it enough just to nod and say maybe and listen anyway even though none of it sounded good to you?

Was it enough to get to the gym after that and pump those arms even though it’s not short-sleeve weather anymore and all your efforts will go unseen?

Or to spend the morning focusing on four students whose work needed editing, even though it took you more time than you thought you should give it because it wasn’t important enough, or supersonic enough and mostly because it wasn’t about you?

Was sitting there on the porch blowing smoke into the garden feeling small, not big, but having neither the energy or the desire to do anything about it.


Anonymous said...

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brainhell said...

It is enough tht you are who you are. It's supersonic that you understand your craven desire to be supersoninc -- to Be Loved (worshipped). That's strong.

It is time for yout tp turn on that word verification test in comments. Otherwise I'll offer you discount toner cartridges.

brainhell said...

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Dale said...

I've spent so much of my life taking things that were trifling and unreal (e.g. my own supersonic book) to be more important than things that were terribly significant and real (e.g. my son's birthday plans.)

Nothing wrong with writing a book and getting petted by Important People. But believing in its importance... yeah, that'll kill you.

Thank you for this timely reminder, Dweez!

lekmo said...

yeah, it was enough. more than enough.