Saturday, May 10, 2008


If I touch the hem of his garment
If I drink more water
Pick them up on time
Have healthy snacks for them to eat
If I remember to get cash for dinner and call the theater for an extra ticket
If I get the email from the company who is hiring
If I remember to thank her for the gift
Send the flowers
If he tells me he loves me after I tell him first
If someone beautiful calls me out of the blue
If I remember to pray and stretch my bad arm
If I lose those two pounds
swim the whole mile
Brush my teeth and hug him for no good reason
Write the check, feed the dog, wipe my ass, move the laundry, pick up the poop, thank my father for the money, pluck my eyebrows, change my underwear, respond to her email, swap the sheets on their beds
If I touch the hem of his garment will I be saved?


Dale said...


It's a losing game, isn't it? Never enough.

shara said...

honestly, every time I come by here (and it's not often enough) I can't bear to stop reading, and then I never want to write again, and then I want to write more than ever, and then I want to read some more. my god but you do this so well. you truly do. you have talent and skill both, a beautiful, sharp combination.

Maryelizabeth said...

"If" -- how's one little word contain so much power?