Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Even though my i.pod died yesterday, and even though that was hella bummer just cause I am all about the music, baby, when I saw the motorcycle cop lying flat on his back on 880, lying there on the side of the road as I headed home from the Apple Store with my dead i.pod, heading home all pissed off because the brainiac at the Genius Bar wasn't helpful, treating me instead with a kind of weak disdain because I had nothing for him to fix, no lusty trouble for his Great Brain to fuck. “This i.pod is dead,” he said with a scowl, thrusting it back at me like some dirty piece of meat. I drove home peeved and pissed because a new one was going to cost me and the insurance on this one had only expired two weeks ago. Bad timing, bad timing I grimaced. And bad luck too. And then I saw the cop and I saw his motorcycle twisted and mangled against the guardrail and a couple of bashed up SUV's practically on top of it. And there was the cop lying there on the side of the road with his helmut still on and the small circle of civilians who'd been in those cars kneeling around his body, protecting him, comforting him, and I took a deep breath and I slowed down and I said to myself, timing, timing baby, timing.


Divine Turpitude said...

great to see you back dweezilla... yeah. the things we get in a snark about, living all the while in our tissue thin bodies. drive carefully and keep writing.

Dale said...


Anonymous said...

Timing IS everything.
I love your writing.

Kathleen said...

i so look forward to reading your words.
you are a stellar writer.
so honest.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

I saw a link about that on http://www.motorcycleinsuranceoptions.com yesterday that made it sound like you would do better finding it online.